———-WB Party at Gen Con 2018 – A Huge Success!———-

Thank you to all the generous Gen Con attendees.

Together we raised over $10,000 in one evening…that’s 83 goats!

Please stay tuned for information on the next Worldbuilders Party happening in 2019.

Join Worldbuilders and friends for an evening of games, food, drinks, and mingling with some awesome authors, game designers, podcasters, and creators. Sign up to play games with the celeb of your choosing in a relaxed environment and participate in the silent auction for a chance to win some cool geeky prizes.

This is a charity event and all proceeds will go towards Worldbuilders and you will also walk away with a swag-filled bag worth over $100!

When:  TBD

Time:  TBD

Where:  TBD

Place:  TBD

2018 Gen Con WB Party Celeb Guest List!


Find out more about these celebrities:

Brad Beaulieu
Anne Bishop
Jason Bulmahn
Daniel Abraham
Maxwell Alexander Drake
Steve Drew
Tom Dyke
James Ernest
Matt Forbeck
Ty Franck
Trin Garritano
Richard Kadrey
James Lowder
Travis McElroy
Susan Morris
Cat Rambo
Anton Strout
Sandra & Howard Tayler
Mike Turian
Dan Wells
Jim Zub




How You’re Helping 

Worldbuilders is a charity founded by author Pat Rothfuss in order to use the collective power of readers, fellow authors and book lovers to make the world a better place. We raise money for other charities who we believe do the best work in their field: Heifer International, Mercy Corps, and First Book. These charities’ missions and values are exactly what we have in mind when we think, “Where can this money do the most good?”

Heifer plays the long game, bringing education, materials, and a passing-the-gift philosophy that ensures generations of self-sufficiency down the road. Mercy Corps jumps into action as crises arise, bringing food, clothing, shelter, and education to people caught in dire situations like natural disasters and war. First Book promotes literacy around the world by providing books for educators and administrators, bringing much-needed educational materials to disadvantaged youth.

We’re excited for the opportunity to have fans play games with some of their favorite celebrities all while generating money for these three charities who make sure the money we raise gets to where it’s needed most, and where it will do some real, long-term good.


Become a Sponsor

Your company logo can be here!

Download the sponsorship form for details and contact worldbuildersparty@gmail.com.


     download download

                        download          unnamed


*The giveaway supporting Worldbuilders is not administrated, sponsored, or endorsed by Wizards of the Coast.





7 thoughts on “———-WB Party at Gen Con 2018 – A Huge Success!———-

  1. Had a fantastic time last year playing board games with Pat at GenCon. You always hope that when you meet someone whose work you admire, that the person lives up to the artist. Pat was funny, down to earth, and a gentleman. If you get the chance, I highly recommend you take the opportunity to donate to a good cause and have some fun.


    • Hi! Travis McElroy will be playing Betrayal at the House on the Hill, but his event is still being finalized. It should be up very soon!


    • Hello Juan- Unfortunately, Pat will not be joining the team at Gen Con this year. Thank you for inquiring!


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